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'Onward Christian Socialist'  -  Saints Publishing 1995


No-one will read this book without making comment on it. It will either please you or annoy you. It will be praised or castigated by a whole range of people from Politicians of whatever shade, believers of varying faiths, and non believers too, as it touches a wide variety of issues varying from simple faith and love to abortion and homosexuality.


Terry Wynn sets out the arguments for the Christian faith in what to many is a post-Christian United Kingdom, linked with Socialist Politics. It's all done with some deft touches of humour and sarcasm to make Onward Christian Socialist'  a worthy read for those who want an insight into what makes this squaddy of God's army tick.


In the words of Jacques Delors, Terry Wynn gives a courageous and frank account of the link between his Christian faith and his social comment.


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'Where are the Prophets?' - Troubador publishing 2006


In an age of secularisation, why should people care if their politicians have a faith or not? In this book, the author looks at what motivates politicians, and whether faith can and should play a part in that.



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