Onward Christian Socialist

By Terry Wynn


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F O R E W O R D   

In the past twelve months, we have suffered the loss of a "grand homme", John Smith.  I fully shared with him the view that Socialism yesterday, today and tomorrow is rooted in a "revulsion at injustice and poverty, and denied opportunity, whether at home or abroad, which impels people to work for a better world, to become, as in our case, Democratic Socialists...But, I do not believe we can truly follow that great commandment ('Love thy neighbour'), unless we have a concept for our fellow citizens which is reflected in the organisation of our society".  In this vital way we can ally our own Christian faith with our Democratic Socialist conviction.

Terry Wynn has produced this courageous and frank account of the link between his Christian faith and his Social commitment.  He has tried to continue and enrich the legacy left by his colleague and friend John Smith. 

I would like to take the  opportunity presented by this foreword, firstly to honour the memory of John Smith, a man who through his ethical commitment would have been destined to a great future. 

Secondly, it is in the same movement of esteem that I am happy to encourage Terry Wynn's book which shows that the British debate on Socialism is continuing and, indeed, deepening.  Let us hope that this debate will be able to enrich political life across Europe.

We have also recently celebrated all over Europe the 50th anniversary of the publication of the "Full Employment Plan" (1944) by Lord Beveridge which has had such an important impact on social thinking worldwide.  Intellectuals from all over Europe expect their British colleagues to continue and develop such a rich legacy.


                                                                               Foreword by Jacques Delors - April, l995


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